Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary
What Happened?
Project Comassion - Accomplished

What Happened?
Project Comassion - Accomplished

We need Volunteers, Expertise, Materials, Supplies, Donations & More


We still need people for highlighted items. We have volunters but we can use more.

People to clean cages

People to bathe or at least sponge bathe animals

People to mop and sweep and clean

People with some construction experience  who can build some kind of wind protection for out door animals

People who can grade the horse pen so they don’t have to stand in standing freezing water

People with some kind of farm animal experience to guide us what we can do for animals to make them comfortable

People to Sing Christmas Songs to keep our volunteers spirits up and cheer the crowd or at least a DJ to make it fun and happy experience for everyone

People with gift of Gab to keep owner engaged and out of our way

Some one with media experience may be a media student who can film it and put it on You Tube.

Some one who can interview volunteers to see what they are giving up so animals can have a warm, comfortable Christmas

Some one in Media please

We need volunteers to take care of volunteers. Who can keep the hot coffee coming, run an errand if something is needed. Put together sandwiches for snacks and lunch etc

We need People who are just ready to pitch in where ever they are needed



Need may be a vet or at least a vet tech for sick animals

People experienced with big animals like farm animals like donkeys, goats, horses etc

People experienced with birds like chickens, peacocks etc

People experienced with small animals like guinea pigs

People experienced with dogs and cats

They have all kind of animals inside and outside



Cleaning supplies

Dawn original dish washing soap for cleaning animals

Mops, buckets, brooms, rags etc

Water hoses, Big buckets, small buckets

Any one got an outdoor camping water heater? Will need hot water for animals.

Food and water bowls, small troughs or large buckets or tubs for water for outside animals? 


We need tools from Shovels to hammers. Please bring your along with you.

We need Lumber, plywood, nails, screws etc for out door shelters

We need Hay, straw, wood shavings etc for cages

Tin/metal roof material for horse lean to.

Old comforters, blankets to cover the cage

Old towels to dry the animals

Horse blanket

Food for animals and volunteers and Coffee to keep us warm J

If you know a business who can donate that will be great but it won’t stop us if we have to pitch in for our own meals J

If you can’t come with us but want to help in some way

- Donations - We will need money to buy supplies or materials we haven’t thought of and may need there. If you can't come in person but would like to donate you can go to our main site and use "Donate" Button that uses Pay Pal. Main site id www.PureMuttsAnimalSanctuary.com 

- Any Animal supplies that you think we may need

- bring us your and your neighbor’s old blankets, comforters, towels etc.

- Show up in the morning at out gathering site with coffee and donuts or breakfast for people.
- Bake a cofee cake or a pie for volunteers

- Put together brown bag lunches for volunteers and bring it. Please remember some of our volunteers may be vegetarian or vegan.

- Bring us your 4X4, old lumber, plywood, metal sheets for roof or windbreak or any other construction material we can use

- Bring us your old santa hats, Signs/T-shirts that says Santa's Helpers

- Christmas treats for animal

- Just come and see us off, cheer us and let us know you care

- We will need people with trucks and vans to carry the materials tools etc with us. We expect people to car pool or drive them.


Note to everyone who was involved in any manner. May that be by helping physically or forwarding an email. You all are part of this.

We pulled it off! We were there from 10 in the morning till 7 at night!
Thanks every one. You guys are amazing. Everyone gave more than any one could have expected from the. If you had offered couple of hours of your time you stayed for 4, if you said you only had 4 hrs you styaed for 8! All of you gave up time with your family, food on the table and you put your life on hold for the animals and a stranger.
We only had 12-14 people and you did the work of 30! With people like you in the world I am surprised why world is not a better place than it is. Everyone who pitched in from donations to forwarding an email to showing up physically has made this happen. One week ago when I came up with this idea I was told that people won't show up or owner won't accept the gift or we will be chrged with trespassing or its too big of a mess to fix. I am glad as usual I ignored the negatives :). One of my weaknesses. And there you were. You came from all around Houston, Conroe, Tomball , Kingwood, Clear Lake. You drove for hours without knowing if you would be turned around and sent right back home.
You smiled, you sang you won owner's heart. You rolled up your sleeves and you scrubbed and scooped poop. You walked ankle deep and sometimes knee dep in mud, gunk and feces to clean the pens. You endured cold chilling wind so animals can be warm. Some of you have never ever seen a farm animal or have been on a farm and you didn't care. We didn't have expertise but we made it up by enthusiasm. All I can say is I am in awe of you guys. Thank You Thank Thank You. This is a great selfless act I have experienced in a long while. I was looking back at all the things I have done and experiences I had. Only thing that came close to this was when on 911 I saw towers falling on TV at home Iwas getting ready to go to school. I knew I had to do something and I ran over to school and scholl was closed. But students were walking around in daze. I went and asked the student council for a school van. Which hesistantly they provided. I went to the square steppe out and told students I need volunteers to go and donate blood. I was expecting 4-5 people but there 100's of students raised there hand and lined to go. School gave us another van and for 3 days we did non stop runs to blood donation centers until they begged us to stop. Student who couldn't give blood in the end were so heart broken. I never asked them their names. They never got a thank you note from anyone. No one knows who they are. But all those students did that selflessly without any expectation. They just did. And yeterday you guys just did. I am honored to know each and everyone of you.
When I was young growing up in India I didn't understand all the issues like poverty, orphans and animals without homes. In my mind solution was so simple "If everyone one who wants a kid will adopt at least one and if every family adopt at least one animal there ill be no orphan kids or animals". Adults couldn't explain it to me why it couldn't work.
I don't think I have grown up much since then :). For me solutions are still simple if you see a problem and no one else is doing anything about it than you should. And yesterday you guys proved it.
I am heading back there again. I have lost my phone in last hour in the dark. I will get the pictures of all the things you did there. I have been feeling bad about leaving last two horse in cold and mud. I am going to take couple more Tarps to make a wind Break for them and try to make owner move them in a drier pen. We didn't have a clue what to do for horses. May be Habitat for Horses group can help out there. There is till few more things that need to be taken care of over there. We are hoping local community will step up to the challenge and learning from our example go and help these animasl out. Keep their eyes and ears open. Make friends with the owner and slowly nudge him to make his animals' lives better.
I will put out all the projects we accomplished on the website with pictures. If you are curious what all we did please see Patrick's email below. We have donated over 150 man hours and over $400 in materials. (We only had little over $200 in donations, I have put rest on my credit card and hopefully we will get some more donations) I don't even know what value to put on donated items. Converting everything to dollars may suggest that we have given a gift of some where between $2000 - $2500 to total stranger so animals under his care will have better living conditions.
Look for Project results on www.PureMuttsAnimalSanctuary.org in couple of days.
In case you are wondering now what? -
We are going to sty in touch with the owner and keep nudging him to build better facilities for animals. He has told us that he is closing on the property in one month and he ill be putting the roof on top of the posts that are standing on the side of the building. We are going to keep an eye on him and hope this gift has opened his heart. When we were leaving last night he was thanking us and I had told him that he can thank us bu keeping up with our work and taking better care of the animals.
If things go bad again in next 2-3 months we are going to go back to the authorities. Living conditions of the animals were no where close to adequate. So we don't know when SPCA told us that they can't do anything where they were coming from. Now we have record of piles of feces in cages, stinking black water for drinking, no food or water and sick animals. We have before and after pictures. But my hope is that guy was just over whelmed and it got out of hand. And now that we have done all the hard work he can keep up with it.
Will all of you please send me what you worked on and what conditions you saw. I am going to put together a to do list for him. Daily, weekly, monthly kind of list. He can go ver it with his employees and himself. Simple thing like clean cages, put food anad water out. I think they sometimes forget where all the animals are and who is fed and who isn't. So if I can put it on white board in table format all they have to do is put check mark in front of the item when its done for that day. So Owner and emplees can see what's done and what's left.
Few of you have asked to continue with this idea. Please send me an email if you want to be a part of ongoing Project Compassion movement.


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