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Project - Compassion

Project - Compassion

To adopt your next best friend from our sanctuary please go to our main site.
We got young healthy dogs, old mellow dogs and some very special special needs dogs.
We also have some cats and dogs that we are posting for our sister organization - "Corridor of Cruelty" on our Petfinder site.

Lets make this world a better place for all the creatures on this Earth. You, Me and all of us. Lets do it.

Be the Change

Help Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary make Christmas Miracle happen

Dec 24th '09 , 8AM - 3:00PM  

Why are we doing it?

Because seeing animals suffer makes us feel sad. Being told that nothing can be done makes us feel helpless. Feeling helpless makes us feel angry. Anger is unproductive.

Changing Anger into Compassion and Compassion into Action will reduce animal suffering.

Antidote to despair is Action

                                                      Be the Change you want to see in the world - Gandhi

How it all started?

Our rescue friend received an email about a horrible condition of animals in a feed store. Contacting different authorities didn’t result in any action. Recent calls to SPCA revealed an on going problem. Due to inadequate animal protection laws especially for farm animals SPCA cruelty investigator informed us that they can't do anything. We were expecting Houston Animal Cops to swoop in and solve the problem but that didn't happen. Our first reaction was anger. We blamed the feed store owner for being cruel, we blamed weak laws and we blamed authorities for not stepping up and doing their job. But our anger wasn’t helping those poor animals. We needed to take action and we thought of picketing and protesting at the store but it still won’t help the poor creatures. Then we remembered what Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world”.  


Instead of waiting for someone else to take action for things we think are wrong we are going to correct it ourselves. Instead of pointing finger we are going to open our arms and spread the love and change the hearts. We don't know why this is happenig. It could be that owner doesn't have enough help or he doesn't know better or he doesn't have resources or he doesn't know how to correct the situation. Waht ever is the reason we will try our best to make it right.


Hey its Christmas and Miracles happen at Christmas time. It is all about love, compassion and giving.

We realized that if SPCA is receiving that many calls, our society has decided that conditions these animals are living in are not acceptable to us. Laws may say different our heart and mind is telling us to stand up for them.

Please join us in making these animals lives comfortable. Let’s give the Christmas gift of love and compassion. Let’s show the world Christmas spirit is alive and well.

We are told that no one will give up their time on Christmas. We believe people will because its Christmas and Christmas is about giving. Let’s prove the naysayers wrong. We know people go out for marathons on Thanks Giving why won’t they go out to help animals.


If you can come with us for 4-6 hrs that’s great. If you can come for only couple that will help too.


If you can’t come with us but want to help in some way see what else can you do page.

If you decide to come with us please wear a big smile and a Christmas hatJ. Bring your rubber boots, cleaning gloves etc. Bring the tools that you have that we may need.


Don’t stand on the side line find a way to be part of it even if only for few minutes. We promise it will make you feel good.


Have a story to tell this year about “So what did you do for Christmas?”



Our Promise

While there we won’t get angry, we will try our best not to judge, it will be tough to see animals in bad condition but when it gets too over whelming we are going to turn around and hug each other and keep on going to make it better.

We are hoping for a change of heart of the store owner. We are hoping when it hits the You Tube or media, people will get inspired and take action in their own community.


We will be the change we want to see in the world.


Please send us an email if you will join us so we know how many volunteers we have. Let us know what you can bring. What your expertise is etc.



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